Season 3

College Cheating (Air Date 7/20/13)

This episode of Equal Time addresses how instructors are dealing with academic dishonesty in the digital age and how tech vendors are developing new tools to help minimize cheating. Roundtable participants include Vanessa Zucker, SJSU Business School Graduate student & TA, Renee Swensen, Saddleback College English Professor, Jason Chu, Turnitin Sr. Education Manager, and Don Kassner, ProctorU President. In addition, reporter Calvin Carr interviews  Dr. Julie Sliva Spitzer, SJSU Mathematics Education Professor, Khosrow Ghadiri, SJSU Electrical Engineering Adjunct Professor, Dr. George Watson, Marshall University Educational Foundations & Technology Program Director & Professor.


Japanese Gardens (Air Date 7/13/13)

We can enjoy the beauty of nature in many Japanese gardens in California.  Silicon Valley offers the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose’s Kelly Park and Hakone Estate & Gardens in Saratoga; however, each garden faces problems of maintenance and managing. Behind the beautiful gardens, there are people who are striving to keep them alive and thriving. Reporter Rie Fukuno interviews park ranger Jane Lawson, Hakone supporters Lon Saavedra, Hiro Matsunami, Connie Young, Firaydun Zarghami,   Hiro Matsunami, and Kelly Park supervisor  Randy Adams.

Overcoming Adversity (Air Date 7/6/13)

An examination of human determination in the face of life-threatening adversity. Equal Time reporter Anthony Bonanno interviews guitarist Jason Becker, who was a child prodigy at age 15, but later diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease.  Also featured is former San jose State football player Neil Parry who lost a leg after an injury on the field.  Interviewees include musicians Gus G,  Michael Lee Firkins, Gretchen Menn, CEO of Shrapnel Records Mike Varney, former NFL players Hank Fraley and Greg Lewis, as well as motivational speaker Dan Millman.

Transgender Translation (Air Date 6/29/13)

People who have taken the bold step to change their gender, speak out in this issue of Equal Time.  They discuss their personal decisions to undergo surgery and shots, transforming them into the opposite sex.  They also reveal struggles with self-esteem and acceptance.  Photojournalist Ashley Madigan interviews members of the transgender community in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, including Caleb Armstrong, Taj Smith, Sheree Goldman and James Benvenuto.

Going Green (Air Date 6/22/13)

Californians are besieged with messages about the importance of recycling and preserving the environment.  Efforts are underway on many levels, including campus, city and region-wide.  Equal Time reporter Samantha Mendoza examines the coordination of these programs, and their purported benefit.  Interviewees include San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, student Sombra Guerra, SJSU Environmental Studies Director Dr. Lynne Trulio, San Jose City Councilmember Ash Kalra and Associated Students Director of Environmental Affairs Paul Landon.

Equal Time for Afghans (Air Date 6/15/13)

Afghan journalism professors from Herat and Balkh Universities report on the cultural differences they have noticed while spending more than two months in the United States.    Afghan professors reporting are Laily Habib, Basir Daneshyar, Maria Raheen, Faisal Karimi, Shafiqa Fahim, Parwana Taskin and Dean Mohammad Nazari.  Interviewees include SJSU President Mo Qayoumi.

Changing College Conferences (Air Date 5/25/13)

San Jose State is moving from the Western Athletic Conference to the Mountain West, continuing its long-standing participation in NCAA Division I-A intercollegiate athletics.  Equal Time reporter Brittany Cohen examines why conferences make a difference to collegiate athletic programs.  Interviewees include players, coaches, Sports Information Director Lawrence Fan, SJSU Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier and US Berkeley Sports Sociologist Dr. Harry Edwards.

Hypnosis (Air Date 5/18/13)

Equal Time reporter Tim Vantress explores the power of hypnosis.  From weight loss to smoking cessation, hypnotists offer help to their clients.  Many medical institutions are beginning to accept the hypnotic form of therapy. How does it work, and who can it help?  Interviewees include Bay Area hypnotists Rose Stein, Stephen Massaro, Dorothy Tyo, and Michael Disend, as well as clients.

Targeting Gun Violence (Air Date 5/11/13)

Advertising students are trying to come up with campaigns that will convince city dwellers to leave guns down.  As a defense measure, universities are training professors how to react in the event of a shooter on campus.  Alicia Moore interviews Advertising Professor John De La Cruz, University Police Sgt. Manuel Aguayo, independent gun policy researcher Guy Smith, Shika Hamilton with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Mayra Barerra with Women Against Gun Violence, SJSU Human Rights Director Will Armeline.

Distance Education (Air Date 5/4/13)

Online classes are becoming commonplace in many universities.  They are cost effective and convenient. San Jose State University even offers a Doctorate of Nursing Practice totally onlne. But are students at the keyboard receiving the same quality of education as in the actual classroom?  Equal Time reporter Monday Reynolds looks at the pros and cons of virtual classes.  Guests include SJSU Nursing Professor Ruth Rosenblum, SJSU Communications Studies Professor Ted Coopman, online student Cheryl Johnson and Santa Clara County Interim Director of Nursing Laura Brunetto.

Policing Homelessness (Air Date 4/27/13)

Homelessness is a complex community problem, which can involve the police. However, in areas where police are in short supply, they’re not always available to address incidents and concerns regarding the homeless population.  Who can ensure the rights of all individuals are protected, when the police must focus on more pressing issues? Equal Time reporter Carla Jimenez  talks with homeless members of the community including Lisa Jackson, as well as Retired San Jose Police Lt. Ron Tannehill, and San Jose Housing Department Assistant Director Jacky Morales-Ferrand.


Aiding Afghan Free Speech (Air Date 4/13/13)

The US State Department is trying to bolster free speech in Afghanistan by partnering US universities with Afghan universities for advanced training. Equal Time reporter Chris Chandler speaks with US State Department Grants Officer Matt Case, as well as Afghan Journalism Professors Ahmad Zia Ferozpur, Yahya Hazin, Hamid Safwat. San Jose State University professors Diana Stover and Halima Kazem provide a global perspective of free speech. Afghan American journalist and author Fariba Nawa participates in the panel discussion with Cal State East Bay Professor and NoorTV host Dr. Farid Younous.

NCAA Pay to Play? (Air Date 4/6/13)

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a nonprofit organization that governs Collegiate Sports, which has grown into a billion dollar industry, built on the backs of athletic directors, coaches but most of all student athletes who take on more than academics. Yet, students athletes are not paid as employees, even when risking career-ending injury.  Anthony Bonanno reports, Tim Vantress produces this segment.  Guests include former SJSU & professional football player Don Teague, Stanford Economics Professor Emeritus Roger Noll, SJSU Softball Coach Peter Turner and SJSU Deputy Athletic Director John Poch.

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